©Ilona Brandwacht

What you meen to me 10-05-2015

You are the sunshine in my life
When you are there I’m prepared to take a dive

You are my safe haven
To you I can always return

You will protect me with your life
So will I if you are in need

You are my shoulder I can cry on
No matter at what hour at day or night

You are always there
No matter what I did are said, you still cared

I didn’t have to say
How I was feeling that day

Somehow you always know
Even when I tried so hard not so show

No matter what life brings me
I know that with you by my site I can always pull thru

You are everything to me
I’ll will always be ware you are

For it is, you are my mom
And you have a special place in my hard

This is a short version of what you mean to me!

©Ilona Brandwacht 10-05-2015

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